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Food Service Management

A healthy, well balanced meal is conducive to performance. There is an art to providing meals that appeal to every individual from students to professionals. Whether you are an educational facility or corporation, our professional management team can assess your food service needs and come up with a viable solution.


"Your meals are richly diverse, excellent in presentation, nutritionally-balanced for optimal health, and cost-conscious for our educational community members."


 -Vergel L. Lattimore, Ph.D   
  Hood Theological Seminary

DIVINE APPÉTIT CO. customizes food service programs for you. We can create menus that adhere to child nutritional standards as well as needs and wants for working professionals. Whether your organizational needs require unitized or buffet style dining, our team of culinary professionals can create a plan that will not only meet your food service needs, but please the tastes of the population you serve.



DIVINE APPÉTIT CO. currently serves colleges and charter schools in Salisbury, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of North Carolina. We are accepting proposals for new businesses and organizations daily. Be sure to call our Business Director for more information on how to schedule your needs assessment.

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