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Whether you are entertaining a group of 20 or a crowd of 5000, DIVINE APPÉTIT CO. can turn your next catered event into a treasured memory. Nothing is too big or too small. We can cater to your home, business/organization or event space. We strive to execute each detail flawlessly, allowing you to enjoy the festivities in the company of your guests.



If you need an event space, we are more than happy to help. Our host venue is the Aymer Center located on the campus of Hood Theological Seminary. We have a conference room that can accommodate up to 28 conference style guests or 48 guests with regular seating. Our Refectory can accommodate up to 240 guests with dining tables and seating or up to 512 standing guests. We also have the Mona Wallace Plaza, an outdoor space, which is 10,780 square feet that would be perfect for any outdoor event.


DIVINE APPÉTIT CO. also has strategic partnerships with venues around the area. Be sure to ask about contacting or being listed as one of our preferred venues.

During your initial consultation with a member of our catering team, we will ask a host of questions to learn the priorities of your special catering event. This is when we’ll learn about special dietary needs and food allergies to be aware of. Regardless of dietary needs your menu will be innovative, tasty and unique. We make each event simple for you, artistic for your guests to enjoy and provide culinary eats to delight your tastes. With suitable lead time, we will be more than happy to create customized menus to include farm fresh and/or gluten-free ingredients. .


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