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A Letter from the President of Hood Theological Seminary


Greetings Executive Chef D'Andrea Lawson,


We are extremely pleased with the exceptional way that your organization has served our students, staff, faculty, special guests, and Board of Trustees. Your meals are richly diverse, excellent in presentation, nutritionally-balanced for optimal health, and cost-conscious for our educational community members.


We deeply appreciate the fact that your menu options can be customized to serve the many ranges of our campus and community gatherings, from groups as small eight persons to large banquets, dinners, and convocations involving 250 - 300 persons.


We are excited that the Divine Appetit Company is located on the Hood Theological Seminary campus. Your presence is consistent with our mission of preparing leaders for effective ministry in a diverse society. The pleasant enthusiasm of your staff and your high quality service delivery reflect our values of spiritual hospitality, authentic table fellowship, and the unity that is created when friends and colleagues enjoy good food in an setting that is focused on excellence and professional care!


Finally, we continue to recommend your services to our community partners, supporters, and vendors, with the utmost confidence that you will also exceed their expectations.


With appreciation, I remain,






Vergel L. Lattimore, Ph.D.


Professor of Pastoral Psychology andCounseling

Hood Theological Seminary

1810 Lutheran Synod Drive

Salisbury, N.C. 28144

Voice: 704-636-6823

FAX:    704-636-7685


Equipping Leaders, Empowering Disciples

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